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Below are the links to the Conference handouts for each session to download and/or print for the day of the conference.

Kelly Cartwright Handouts –1) Keynote Handout – 2) Executive Skills to Support Reading

Steve Dykstra Handouts – 1) A Developmental Model of Trauma, Growth & Resilience:

Linda Farrell Handouts – 1) Balanced Literacy & Structured Literacy Handout  

Tatyana Elleseff Handouts – 1) Value of Language Handout

Dean Bragonier Handouts – 1) NoticeAbility Program Overview 20192) OnePager2019

Kelly Butler Handouts – 1) Kelly B Beginning2) Kelly B GRID3) Kelly B PA Continuum

Michael Hunter Handouts – 1) Reading & Spelling Multi-syllable Words Made Easy  

Panel Handouts – 1) Structured Literacy Brief

Monica McHale-Small Handouts – 1) Evaluation and Identification of Dyslexia….




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