About IDA

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, scientific, and educational organization dedicated to the study and treatment of the learning disability, dyslexia as well as related language-based learning differences.

We are the oldest such organization in the U.S. serving individuals with dyslexia, their families, and professionals in the field. We have approximately 8,500 members – 60% in the field of education and 30% are individuals with dyslexia or parents of children who are dyslexic.

We operate 42 Branches throughout the U.S. and Canada, and have 21 Global Partners in 19 countries.

The International Dyslexia Association is funded by private donations, membership dues, foundation grants, sales of publications, our annual national conference, and other development efforts. IDA receives no government funding. Our Board of Directors guide the Association by contributing their considerable strengths to champion our Mission.

IDA focuses resources in four essential areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Information and Referral
  • Parent Support and Outreach
  • Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teacher of Reading

IDA Outreach and Support:

  • IDA answers 30,000-40,000 direct inquiries to our national office annually.
  • Our Web site supports 1.5 million visitors annually.
  • IDA Branches hold 300–400 local outreach activities annually providing outreach to individuals with dyslexia and their families in communities across the country.
  • IDA’s Annual Conference is the premiere information and professional development conference in North America dedicated to dyslexia. We bring together 200-300 of the foremost leading experts in the learning disabilities field together with approximately 2500 individuals who are concerned with the issue of dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
  • IDA maintains and makes available to anyone in need an online Referral for Services provider database of approximately 2000 LD professionals. This system is free of charge. Professionals are listed geographically.
  • We distribute valuable, up to date information and resources about dyslexia internationally through our Global Partners for dissemination in their countries.
  • IDA funds research on neurological, educational and developmental issues as they relate to dyslexia.

IDA Resource Publications:

  • Our peer-reviewed journal, Annals of Dyslexia, is available online at no cost for members and in print through the online bookstore. Archived issues of are also available online.
  • Our subject-related quarterly publication, Perspectives on Language and Literacy , is distributed to members quarterly. Past topics having included: teacher training, legal issues, parent issues, standards and practices and other timely and informative topics.
  • IDA’s e-newsletter, The eXaminer , is electronically distributed to nearly 20,000 subscribers monthly.
  • Fact Sheets are IDA’s topic-related publications which are free to the public and can be found under the “Information” section of our Website.
  • IDA collaborates with authors as a publisher and reviewer of books on dyslexia and related issues which are available for purchase in our online bookstore.

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