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The Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (PBIDA) has been in the forefront nationally in outreach to the community with Experience Dyslexia®, A Simulation.

In the past five years, the Simulation has been presented as an in-service program for private and public schools, pre-school to high school, for groups of 20 – 180 participants. In addition, Simulations have been provided to students in an education course at a liberal arts college, to multiple community groups, and at the annual PBIDA conference. In the western region of Pennsylvania, Simulations were provided to Intermediate Units and public schools. Through these various Simulations, PBIDA reached over 2,000 participants.

Our Simulation volunteers have included psychologists, physicians, educators, school administrators, reading specialists, multisensory tutors, individuals (teenagers and adults) with dyslexia, and parents of children with learning disabilities.

What is the Simulation?

The Simulation often begins with a brief discussion of dyslexia, including the neurological basis, the demographics, the warning signs, and the interventions which have been shown, through solid research, to have positive impact.

Participants then take part in six simulated activities which mimic the experiences and processing of those with dyslexia.

  • Learn to Read simulates a beginning reading problem
  • Listen to Me simulates an auditory figure-ground problem
  • Write with Mirrors simulates a visual-motor and writing problem
  • Name That Letter simulates a letter-word identification problem
  • Write or Left simulates a copying and writing problem
  • Hear and Spell simulates an auditory discrimination problem

Finally, participants ask questions of an experienced panel.

Experience Dyslexia, A Simulation is available through PBIDA in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

PBIDA is able to tailor the simulation to the size and background of your audience and to the physical facilities of your meeting location.



  • $15 per person for a minimum of 20 people


  • $400-maximum of 40 people
  • $500-maximum of 90 people

The Simulation is designed for participants ages 16 and older. For exceptions, please contact PBIDA.

contact us at (610) 527-1548 or

Photo credits: Becca Boston

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