We at PBIDA believe in supporting those impacted by dyslexia and are happy to share our support group with you. You are welcome to join any applicable group!


Our Parent and Family Support Group Meets every 3rd Thursday from 7-8pm.
The next meeting will take place June 15th.

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Upcoming topics:
June: LAMP/Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvania with guests Carolyn Rees and Zandy Dudiak

Carolyn Rees is the Youth Services Librarian for LAMP.  She began working with children and their grown-ups after graduating from Smith College with a degree in History and Gender Studies.  She has worked in Reggio Emilia and Montessori classrooms as well as the blended childcare program at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children.  She earned her Master’s of Library Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2021 and has been connecting eligible young Pennsylvanians to LAMP services ever since.

Zandy Dudiak, a graduate of Bethany College (W.Va.), is the Communications Manager at LAMP, working primarily with the library’s three newsletters, social media (Facebook and Instagram) and outreach activities. For most of her career, she worked as a journalist and editor, but also had stints doing public relations/communications for nonprofit organizations, wrote two books and continues to do freelance writing.

Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians – LAMP serves residents of Pennsylvania who have difficulty using standard print materials because of a visual, physical, or reading disability. Persons with low vision, blindness, a physical disability that prevents reading or holding a book, or a reading disability such as dyslexia may be eligible. Free library materials are provided through the Library of Congress’ National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled. Materials include digital audiobooks on flash drive cartridges, braille books and downloads, large print books, digital and braille magazines, tactile and braille early literacy kits, audio described DVDs and more.


We will be taking a break for summer over the months of July and August. Our meetings will resume in September!

Our Adults with Dyslexia Support Group meets the last Monday from 7-8pm.
The next meeting will take place in September.

Have a great Summer!

We will be taking a break for summer over the months of June, July and August. Our meetings will resume in September!



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The Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association is pleased to present a forum for information to benefit its constituents. It is IDA’s policy to not recommend or endorse any specific program, product, institution, company, or instructional material, noting that there are a number of such that present the critical components of instruction as defined by IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. Any program, product, institution, company, or instructional material carrying the IDA Accredited seal meets the IDA Standards.

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