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Pennsylvania Branch of the International Dyslexia Association

Serving Delaware

The Janet L. Hoopes Award


1993                Janet L. Hoopes, Ph.D

1994                Virginia (Ginger) L. Biasotto.

1995                Joan Frank

1996                Barbara J. Lorry, Ph.D.

1997                Thomas Atkins, Ph. D.

1998                Katherine Gordon-Clark, Ph.D

1999                Dorothy Flanagan and Sandra Howze

2000                Jean Bay M.A.

2001                Elissa L., Ed.M.  and Rev. James Fisher,

2002                J. Barton Harrison

2003                Elizabeth (Lisa) P. Simon

2004                IDA National conference held in Philadelphia – No award given,

2005                Adele Gerber, Ph.D.

2006                Charna O. Axelrod, Ed.D.

2007                Sharon Tomalin, M.A.

2008                Fran James-Warkomski, Ph.D.

2009                Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic

2010                Kathleen Hunt

2011                George Rowe

2012                Irene McHenry, Ph.D.

2013                Eugenie Walsh Flaherty, Ph.D.

2014                Irene Gaskins, Ph.D.

2015                Children’s Dyslexia Centers, PA locations

2016                Hollis S. Scarborough, Ph.D.

2017                Curtis Kossman

2018                Leslie A. Rescorla, Ph.D.

2019              Julia G. Sadtler